Bathroom Design and Remodeling: Choosing Sinks and Tubs

When you’re doing a renovation in your bathroom, you might find it either really easy or really stressful. The reason lies in your abilities and plans. If you’re planning to simply leave the plumbing where it is and do some tile work, it’s fairly easy. But when you have to choose a tub, a sink and some other things, install your plumbing systems where you want them to be, that’s when the questions start.

Useful Tips for Choosing a Perfect Tub for Your Master Bathroom

There are many different bathroom remodeling ideas for showers, as showers are probably the most popular way to clean up fast. But if you think that your house deserves a tub, it’s a little bit harder to remodel your place then. There are many different styles, shapes, prices when it comes to choosing a tub. It’s really hard to make a certain decision, so it’s good if you know a few tips that can help you make a right choice.

  • Think which installation type you can afford.
    There are different types of installation you have to choose from. A tub shower or tub walls are the most convenient for a flat or a house, but you will miss out on your design. If you decide to go with a freestanding tub, you will have to spend more (though that would depend on your material), but it looks cool. You have to check out various bathroom designs for small bathrooms to make a decision here.
  • Think where you need your drain to be.

It can be either on your right or left, or maybe you want to put it in the center. Before you actually start choosing, you have to take a closer look at your floor plans and determine where you can actually install all of it.

  • Choose your shape.
    Some people want their tub to be oval, while others only want to see a corner option. A corner one would be pretty cool and easy to use, though it won’t fit every place.
  • And materials.
    Your materials are really important and it’s a big point for your price. A copper tub looks stunning, but the price will start from $4,000. If you check out a master bathroom ideas photo gallery, you’ll see that many people decide to spend more on this room. But you can choose a fiberglass or acryl. Those are cheap and they live longer. Enameled steel is another budget option. The best thing about those is that they are almost impossible to scratch.

Professional Advice on Choosing a Bathroom Sink

If you want to get a sink, you also need to know what to start with. You have to also focus on your faucet to ensure you’re getting the most out of your sink. The most important choice you have to make with a faucet is its height and typically people don’t get high faucets for their bathrooms.

To choose a proper sink you can try to have a look at a small bathroom makeover photo gallery. You will notice that people install completely different things. It’s important to go along with your tub style too, so if you’re getting a tub from stone (those cost about $15,000), your sink also has to be from stone.

You have to think about the size of your sink, you want a larger one for a big bathroom and a smaller one for a small. Try to determine whether you want a drop in installation type or maybe you’re looking for a separate counter or you want your sink to float.


A huge point is to make right choices where, as bathroom renovations are really costly. If you’re looking for some bathroom decorating ideas for small bathrooms, you might want to think of other features you might get for your tub or sink. For example, some people crave LEDs in their tubs, so they can enjoy a change of color, while others need some music. Getting a massage feature would be a good thing too.

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